Lurleen Lumpkin and other Road Rage chars correct scaling ?

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Hi, new to the forums, huge huge Simpsons fan all my life, as well as H.A.R, obviously

Just came back to playing Hit and Run, 2 days ago, i know it's not common, but i actually play and mod the gamecube version (playing on the Wii). A few years ago,I managed to import the Sideshow Bob skin i found on here (i actually made a code on gc to cycle through and play with every characters, like you would do on pc)

beside that, i remember importing a few chars from Road Rage that are not in Hit and Run, the only problem was that they are not the same scale, so for exemple, my favorite character, Lurleen Lumpkin looked huge when put next to the Hit and Run pedestrians.

So i'm throwing a request at y'all great people that know how to scale a 3D model. So if possible, i'd like to have Lurleen, and maybe the rest of the Road Rage cast not present in the game, in the correct scale for Hit and Run (Lovejoy and etc)

My goal is to kinda have the perfect console version of Hit and Run, with more Simpsons characters, starting with Sideshow Bob and the ones from Road Rage, then, i'd like to have a few more chars from the show like Hank Scorpio, Troy Mclure, Frank Grimes and etc...

Sorry for the long ass post, thanks in advance if anyone could be of any help !
Road Rage Returns includes ports of all of the Road Rage characters at 85% of their original size to better match H&R characters. That might be good for what you're after.
Thank you, perfect, you're the man !

do you also happen to know how to spawn only one certain character, as a pedestrian ? where is that in the script, what file is it ? i want to replace a few generic pedestrians with real simpsons characters, but i dont want to see, lets say, 4 Reverend Lovejoy walking down the street.