Apolagies For Some Of The Things I Have Done

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I have been with Donut Team for about 2 months, which while not sounding like much time, has seemed like forever for me and some amazing things have happened. But also in the last two months, I did some bad/puzzling things. I spammed the forums, I double-posted, I asked unanswerable questions, I asked too many questions at once, I answered a few threads with un-realistic answers based off of things that I had read on these forums, I did all sorts of stuff, like piracy discussion.

Essentially, I want to apologise for all of the things that I did that were against the rules, etc and I hope that the people affected, as well as anyone else can forgive me.
Well, you're not selling nukes on the forums, so, I guess that's ok, everybody makes mistakes :p
It's fine man, everyone makes mistakes sometimes! It's good that you saw the error of your ways :)
It's ok, everyone makes mistakes and it's good you realized what you did wrong, even though I wasn't personally bothered by the topics you posted. Any questions asked on the forum are welcomed.
Thanks, everyone.


I know that the threads I created didn't bother anyone, it's just I think I created threads to often.

Gordon CMB:

"You're not selling nukes on the forums"
How did you kn- Nothing.
As long as you don't doublepost, it's fine
: - )

What, were you really expecting words?