Donut Mod 3.1.4 Released (fixes game breaking bug in 3.1.3)

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Hello again everyone, there was a game breaking glitch new in 3.1.3 so we quickly fixed it. Thanks to SomeBot for bringing this to our attention.

We also added new randomized dress colors for Lisa in addition to her other new reskins introduced in 3.1.3. Enjoy :)

As usual, you can download it at SHAR Mods. The full changelog is also available there.

Bumping this to state the next version of the mod (3.1.5 or 3.2: The Conspiracy Update) will have a new bonus car for Level 3.

Here's a hint:

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a Boat!? if yes, then great!
So wait, does this mean...

We're getting a train car in 3.1.5. Yeee
No, no train just yet... ;p