Road Rage Returns: Driving traffic vehicles

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Hello again.
Just thought I would say that as much as I enjoy Road Rage Returns, a few things seem to have changed;
With using cars found driving the streets, just one of them seems to be drivable; that one is the coupe.

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Thank you for understanding.
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Posted 3 years ago · Edited 3 years ago
I'm talking about the mod Road Rage Returns and the cars seen on the streets - the ambulance, box truck, the blue minivan...

I believe all of these vehicles were drivable in previous versions of Road Rage Returns; I'm not sure what happened, could've changed in an update.
As of RRR 1.2.3 all traffic cars (minus the sedans due to a coding error - as you've already found) are no longer drivable. This is because in order for them to feel really lightweight when you hit them, like the real Road Rage, it makes the handling on the cars atrocious in some cases. As such they are no longer drivable.
Interesting find! I never bothered with driving the traffic vehicles in Road Rage Returns (as I knew they'd be horrible to drive around) as I always used the default vehicle and the vehicles you unlock at Phone Booth.

BTW I'm not sure if anyone found this but in newest 1.2.3 version, I found the Red Brick Car in first level, probably added as Easter egg. I don't think it was there in the previous versions as I finished the mod once last summer when was an older version and didn't find it before, while just in past weeks I replayed through the whole newest version of mod and found the car parked at a kids playground.
Hate to bump old threads, but if you activate the destroy on impact car cheat. You can destroy a street vehicle, drive the husk to a wrench, and drive it. But it's obv. not meant to be driven as it's slow and the engine noise is very glitched.