SHAR: Danny's Italian Translation Project

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Danny's Italian Translation Project

I've seen other users like CMB have already started translations of the game (in his case, he translated it to Russian) and i decided to do my one, too. I am italian, and, even if i don't know if there are any other italians on this forum, i will attempt to complete it, with a good amount of patience and determination.
I also have a more concrete purpose for the project: by exploring the text bible file (srr2.p3d), i discovered that, aside of the other languages (French, German, Spanish and English) there's proof for an Italian frontend language, called "srrI", where -I stands for Italian, meaning it was going to be implemented at some point in development. Opening it shows that every line is translated with "???".
I think the project will be completed in a few weeks, and every help would be really appreciated to finish the project earlier.

Sounds interesting
Don't really know Italian so wish you good luck! :P
(The game really needs some translations for it. Especially for mods)
Nice to see that people are beginning to translate the game, as now more people can experience it without bootlegged, incorrectly translated releases, or without not knowing what's going on.

I wish you good luck with the project!
Danny, I really wanted to know if there is any way to edit what is inside srr2.p3d but I could not then export it as srr2S.ini by Lucas Pure3D Editor, then rename it to CustomText.ini and put it in a new folder inside the mods folder and It works this way too I even translated the mod mischievous night into Portuguese because I'm Brazilian knows.
You need to either export English text from SRR2.p3d, and then rename it to CustomText.ini, OR alternatively, create a CustomText.ini by yourself, but it will obviously be empty
What's the issue with exporting part btw? Is there any popups or smth?
Ciao! Sono interessato a partecipare al progetto per la traduzione in italiano, spero che tu sia ancora interessato a portare avanti questa cosa; puoi mandarmi una mail così iniziamo? :)