Donut Mod 3.1.5 Released (new Level 3 Bonus Car and a L1M3 fix)

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We have yet another patch for Donut Mod. Some notable things include a new bonus car for Level 3 and a fix for one (and possibly all) of the issues with L1M3.

As usual, you can download it at SHAR Mods. The full changelog is also available there.

It works but it crashes when i my halfway through the race.
in L1M3 you mean?
yes. i tried it a few times. it only crashes when i'm halfway through the race. Is it possible to change the mission
We're continuing to investigate the issue and will look into it more.
Checking on the status of the problem. is everything alright?
As I have said, we're looking into this issue. It has existed for awhile now, and we're not sure why.