Easter Mod 2: Twice as Big, Twice as Deadly

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The mod that most people probably figured wouldn't actually come out, the mod that most people probably hoped wouldn't come out, the mod most people probably prayed to whatever higher power they believe in wouldn't come out... did.


  • New cars that are essentially the same cars as before.
  • A mission where you collect onions.
  • The option for the stage message narrator to use... profanity. (accessible through mod settings)
  • A fourth entry in the features list.
  • An Easter basket.
  • Homicide!

Flanders driving a car he has never driven in the show!

A black/purple van without a thing on the roof!

Child endangerment!

There's also a thing that is constantly in the corner of the screen!

I was actually aware a few weeks ago that the mod would probably be released sometime around Easter.
I totally forgot today's Easter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Happy Easter everyone! Now, will the Easter Mod have a sequel in the future to complete the trilogy? 🤔
The game crashes when i enter the pet cemetary during the dead grandpa mission.
With this update, the game should no longer crash when you enter the Pet Cemetery during the dead Grampa mission.
Looks great man!
The game still crashes
Unfortunately I forgot to actually update the version number in Meta.ini, so it makes this slightly more difficult. I've just checked the latest build, the one with the filename Easter Mod 2 - Twice as Big, Twice as Deadly 2.2.2.lmlm, and it does not crash for me.

Are you sure you're running the latest version of the mod?
Great mod, I've played for the last few days. I think that the next update/sequel could have Bart as the protagonist in a second level. It'd be even funnier!