Danny's Beta Restoration (v3.1)

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I had created a previous mod called "Beta Features Mod", but i never had finished it. Now, i've continued that mod into something even bigger: Beta Restoration!
Even if there are other mods like this, i've decided to create mine as its main aim is to re-include beta graphics,sounds and text, but not to change the missions, differently from the others. The sources of the content are PR assets discs, PS2 prototype and even the game's files, which also are full of beta stuff.

Current features
  • Beta Stone Cutters music in front of the Hall and Tunnel in level 1-4
  • Some beta character HUD icons from the PR assets discs
  • Beta 70' Sports Car texture (NOW IMPROVED)
  • Beta traffic cars textures (Compact Car, Sports Car A, SUV A, Pickup A)
  • Beta Homer model in main menu
  • Beta level 2 skybox (from level 2 bonus game file)
  • Beta level 6 skybox (from level 6 bonus game)
Upcoming features
  • More beta textures (trees, skyboxes, etc.)
  • Beta character models (Homer, Krusty, Barney, etc.)
  • Beta/Unused gags
The developing team
  • Danny (AKA DHMISFan_1906) - Lead developer
  • DeepFriedBurger - Mission Scripter

- Beta Level 2 skybox
- Beta Level 6 skybox

Download Here!
Nice work, I can't wait to see more of this!

CONTEXT EDIT (26th January 2020): This post was made before I joined the development team.
Absolutely great, can't wait to try this
New version released! Watch main post for more information.
Again, a new update has been released! Watch the "Current Features" section of the main thread for more info.
new minor update released. I've just improved the 70 sports car textures.
hi,i gotta say this looks fantastic,but sadly when i play it.it crashes but appart from that this is great :)
@Femenia when does your mod crash
This mod is having some new updated very soon, including some beta character Models!
Are you planning to include the unused Gags from my mod? I ask this as you asked if you could use it on said mod's main thread.