Beta Restore Testers Wanted

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Hello Everybody
I have been working on a full on modification to The Simpsons hit and run to feel, look and sound like the early prototypes as seen in screenshots and videos

as of right now i have been the only person that has been working on this mod

if anybody is interested on being a artist, 3d modeler, sound editor or a mission programmer on this mod just let me know as soon as possible

Current testers: Hell_Inspector

Morgan Kuno
Black text on a dark background?
Sounds pretty cool. Can I be a tester?
Cool! I'd like to be a tester, i also have a little Restoration mod.
Like DeepFriedBurger, i have some knowledge in beta/prerelease stuff. You can PM on discord.
Could I be a beta tester? I have proven with other projects on other games to be efficient with beta/bug testing. I am also very knowledgeable when it comes to beta/unused content with SHaR (I have memorised all of the information relating to it). You can contact me via email:
Hello, I am interesting in doing sound editing? If any additional sound engineering/production is needed I can also do that.

Can I Be A Tester
If you need a tester or a 3D modeler, you can contact me!
I know this is a old thread but if u still need beta tester I’ll be happy to help just message me on discord mason12310
i'm not really good at mods or modding but i can always test mods because i have lots of free time and can just play alot.

discord: [redacted]
email: [redacted]