Beta Resourses

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This Folder contains a number of beta assets for The Simpsons: Hit & Run. These include:

  • A lot of screenshots from beta builds.
  • The PC Demo build of the game (Includes ISO and packaging/disc scans).
  • The content found on the PR Asset Discs.
  • Some beta videos, including the IGN Sizzle Reel, E3 Trailer, early versions of the game's Introduction cutscene, Flowers By Irene cutscene, Level 1 Introduction cutscene, and 500 Yard Gash cutscene. Also all of IGN's pre-release gameplay videos.
  • Beta screenshots from the game's Manual.
  • Links to pre-release articles on the internet.

I could not include the PlayStation 2 prototype of the game as it would be piracy, which is strictly forbidden on these forums.

Download Link:!zmQnDQqY!yXIYaovfx39XeTy-R2gaxg

EDIT (15/12/2019): Link is down. In the future, I might replace it.
I don't think distributing the Beta is Piracy but that does make sense, anyways it's really cool how you have made this thanks
The distribution of the PlayStation 2 prototype would be piracy as it is a working copy of the game, with all features added.

This update adds more beta videos, as well as two new Folders.
do you need to re-download the file for the new one to work
Yes. Delete the old one, though, if you want to save on space.
can i have the download pls ?
This topic hasn't been updated or posted in for a good couple of years now! Please try to be mindful of that when bumping threads. I can definitely understand wanting to have this stuff in one easy place, but bumps like that may create the impression some sort of substantial update was made to the package.

I'm not entirely sure if Addy has any intentions of currently updating the original release to include any new content or if she plans on currently ever re-uploading it. The PR Asset disc itself is still easy to find. We should still have a functional link to that pinned in the Discord and also still has a couple of mirrors floating around if you look for the PR Asset disc (i swore I had a link to it on me, but apparently not?). It's probably the most interesting bit of the bunch thanks to the early script they had for the game's mission structure in there.

The IGN demo videos showcasing earlier builds are still up on their channel as well if you're interested in ripping them for preservation sake. yt-dlp is what I personally recommend if you're comfortable with command line:

Addy also re-uploaded the E3 trailer mentioned in the original forum post on her channel.

The other stuff shouldn't be too complicated to find with a little bit of Google searching. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I never had the archive downloaded prior to the link expiring. It's possible another user might have it?

I'm going to go ahead and lock this for now to prevent further bumps. Anyone else is free to re-open it and update the thread accordingly if they want to re-upload the archive or create a new one!