Moe The Vigilante

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Hey, Sorry I didn't beta test more for this mod. However I'm sure gonna make a video on it
Following your feedback of version 1, I have updated the mod.
  • Removed the Speed Condition from M7 (I shouldve seen that that was extreme, im sorry)
  • Lowered the HP of the Bodyguards in M7
  • Lowered the speed (a bit) of the M4 curator
  • The Mod is now Decompilable
Might want to change the title of the thread, "!!UPDATED!!" doesn't seem too... professional.
Then again, you don't have to be professional and it is you're choice. Probably doesn't matter at all and is just me being me.
Just got through playing all 7 main missions in the mod. This was a pretty interesting experience as a whole! Going to write up my thoughts real quickly in a not too in-depth way since I do have to go in a little bit, but overall I liked a good majority of it. I might write up some more detailed thoughts when I get the chance, but I'm a bit of a lazy fellow.

In general, I found myself really enjoying the use of Moe and the Downtown aesthetic. There are a couple of small things that really cleverly use Moe's job position and the town as a whole in ways that I haven't seen before in a mod. I got a pretty decent chuckle out of shooing the drunk away from the bar, for instance. There were other little things like walking about in the park to find a newspaper that also got a decent smile out of me. The mod slowly going from day to night time was also a really cool effect that gives a nice illusion the entire mod takes place within a day.

Most of the missions are also pretty decent too, but sometimes find themselves relying a bit too much on one particular objective over a pretty long mission play time span. the Mob Boss fight in L1M7 in particular feels slightly anti-climatic compared to the two Limos. Izzy and Moe, as well as the Finale, also rely a bit too much on item collection and the layout for the items feels a bit awkward in certain areas. Notably the coolers near the Police Station in the former and the odd Mafia Goon route near the Police Station in the latter. It's kind of hard to put into words, but it feels at points they're a bit too out of the way and the reliance on the radar can sometimes be a bit tricky (the donut in front of the Donut Shop in Police Business cost me a run since the radar made it appear as if it was on the rooftop with the others).

My two favorite middle missions were perhaps near the halfway point of the mod, since I feel they have a good division between challenging gameplay and not feeling too congested in terms of gameplay mechanics. Nuclear Business has a really cool (though slightly buggy) pre-mission cutscene and the Nuclear Van chase/item collection flow into each other pretty nicely. The Nuclear Van itself looks really well done for a model edit and I enjoy the extra challenge of the limo harassing you. It actively feels as if you're fighting against the mafia and the goal feels focused enough without dragging on. Undercover was also pretty fun. While I'm not huge on the forced car purchase (though that's more of a personal preference), the follow chases flow into one another smoothly enough. The eavesdrop conversation is also pretty neat, but slightly disorienting due to how far the camera jerks itself to show the conversation, followed by the limo taking off (I found myself wanting to chase the Nuclear Van instead).

Overall, really nice for a first major mod! I had my share of fun with it.

Edited because I'm a dummy who thinks spoilers work like they do on Discord.
Yeah, some of the missions have some problems, but overall it's a good mod.
Gameplay of Moe the vigilante with the head modifier mod installed
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