Thank You: 10,000 Community Members

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Hey everyone,

We're here today to talk about a big milestone for us and the community: 10,000 confirmed users.

Back when we started our website in 2013, we were just a couple guys who decided to dig around in the files of an old game to see what we could slap together. We never would've imagined getting to the point we're at now. Fast forward to 2019 though and we're a team of 10 with an incredible community beside us. Whether you've stuck around for a while to play and create with others or just stopped by briefly to check out SHAR MP, we're humbled by how many people have taken the time to join our community.

The amount of people that still love and care about this game is incredible and the amount of creativity on display here is truly staggering. We love seeing all the new ways to play this timeless classic that have come out of this community and we're as excited as ever to see what comes next.

As for us, we still have a lot planned for 2019 regarding our modding tools, the website and Donut Mod. We can't wait to get it all ready for you.

Thank you all for sticking by us and enjoying the things we and the community have created here on our little corner of the internet.

Donut Team

You may create a list of the stuff you want to release this year, like you did some years ago.
Awesome to see this community grow even bigger! 10k is surely a big number especially considering SHaR's a 16 years old game
Congrats everybody!
This is a momentous occasion for us all. Congratulations, everyone!
its a great community keeping this game alive

good job everyone
Time to delete all my alts now.
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Congrats to everyone!
@TheLittleFlamingo, we'll release DM4 and/or a new beta when it is ready.
Sorry. I'm really sorry.