Skinner Warning and Chalmers Police Car Sounds

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Download (Link removed by moderator.)

I ade in Sounds since in 22 of April
Can you provide more of a description of what the mod does in the post?
I don't think I can do that, maybe you can give a try of my sound mod
People won't try your mod unless they know what it's about. Just write something about what's in it so people know what they're getting into.
Yeah, the post title doesn't really describe what sounds they replace and what the new sounds are. If you could add that that would be great.
I decompiled the mod, there's a lot of unnecessary files in there and the dialog.spt was stolen from the Steamed Hams mod but it doesn't seem to do anything. Basically, the warning sound when you near a Hit and Run is replaced with Skinner saying 'Steamed' while the police siren is replaced with Chalmers yelling 'Seymour'.
Where have I heard of that before...

He's done this before, another mod was just a re-texture of Nightbane's Minecraft mod. That seems like a bannable offense.
I don't know if the ban is worth it. Based off of the posts this user has made, most of the misinformation and misunderstanding of the rules are most likely due to a language barrier.
Please don't discuss banning a user. The moderation staff will handle whether or not the offenses committed are large enough for that. Thank you for bringing this to our attention though.