Checkpoint System 1.1 (Obsolete)

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This mod has been succeeded by the Mod Launcher's 1.25 release with Additional Script Functionality's new checkpoint system.

Made a simple checkpoint system in LUA. These sample missions will spawn you to the appropriate location when you've reached a checkpoint and restarted the mission. The checkpoints will of course go away when you cancel or complete the mission.

Hopefully, you're good enough to understand how this works in order to make your own missions have checkpoints, because making your Kwik-Cash-lengthy missions a bit more bearable will be satisfying.

If your mod has its own world.spt file, you'll need to add
SetStreaming ( true )
to the stage_complete block. Otherwise, checkpoints DEFINITELY won't work.


  • Made use of game.lua
  • The custom functions I made are better documented

So apparently, this system won't work if you use the "mute" command-line argument. Well who the hell plays SHAR without listening to the extremely repetitive dialogue?
This is amazing. Now lengthy or short but ridiculously hard missions can be considered acceptable.
[deleted user]
4 yrs ago (Statistics)
This will finally allow for easier completion of long/hard missions, I can probably say it's a(n almost) revolutionary concept, which, of course, will inspire mod creators to create more complex missions without fearing people who won't be able to get pass them(Heck, even I almost got back to modding while experimenting with this thing). Haven't seen if there's any bugs, but I doubt there is any
Overall, that's solid 5/5 from me, I completely adore this mod, and if I would've still been modding, I'd probably abuse the checkpoints (No, not in a "add a checkpoint after every stage" way)
This was actually something I was hoping Lucas would add at some point using Additional Script Functionality. Seeing this finally become a reality is awesome! Thank you so much for putting together a sample mod of this! I certainly agree it'd help the issue of lengthier missions from becoming too tedious due to the large setback should you fail one.