Futurama: Hit & Run

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a lot of the shows locations (and some ships) are modeled in the mobile game, game of drones, no idea how to extract em tho
Thanks for that wimpy, I'll check that out.
Very much interested in anything to do with 3D modeling, however, I am not proficient in texturing, I'd love to help!
The banner looks great already
I am excited about the project, good luck!
@Mr_Soldgineer i'd be happy to have you on board, we need more modelers. Contact me on Discord, you should find me through the Donut Team discord.
Just curious, are you going to make a completely new map from scratch or are you just going to edit one of the SHAR maps, kinda like the Spongebob mod?

This mod is going to have at least 1 or 2 custom levels, and one original SHAR map which is heavily modified; including removing certain roads, terrain, and adding new buildings.
How far along is this mod atm
Hi, I am interested in being a prop modeller, I've always been a big fan of futurama and would be happy to help if you read this, and are interested message me on discord: The_bru_pod#2914
This is Incredible,Im looking forward to this mod!