Futurama: Hit & Run

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This mod is going to be awesome, I can't wait to see the mod in action
Can I be a beta tester?
This mod sounds pretty ambitious. I wish you good luck working on it.

Hope this mod will feature the Ford ThunderCougarFalconBird as one of Fry's unlockable vehicles.
If you need any voice actors or plot writers then I'm up for any of those roles.
Also when do you think the first public demo will be available?
Here's a little bit of an update for you all.

Originally we were working on a heavily modified Level 5 to be the base for the first level of the mod, but we've moved onto creating a completely original New New York map; which of course takes time, there are many factors that go into making maps, this includes collision, modelling, design schematics and revisions. But, once the level is fully complete and all the missions have been made, we'll release a BETA.
nice to know this project is till going, can't wait to see whatchagot in store :)
I might be able to do cars for you, if you still need someone for that.
CANT WAIT is it near completion :o
dumb question but will the phonebooth be suicide booth?
Really been waiting to see this appear cant wait!! next is Family guy lol