Futurama: Hit & Run

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I can't contribute due to lack of the knowledge you need but i'm definitively subscribing, this looks like an awesome idea
Hey Futurama: Hit And Run is Not Done Oh Come Will I' Need To Download And Play This Mod Not Coming Soon already Please Make Fast This Mod Before You Done Okay
any updates on this?
The mod is still in early development (I speak as a beta tester).
Can you become a beta tester?
Okay I literally created an account just for this thread, I'm the biggest fan of Futurama and Hit and Run is literally my favorite game of all time, I'm also a professional musician, my music has been featured in different important brand ads, I could def help with the music without a problem, please send me a message here or on twitter/ig: @iamelmahdi / my instagram has my music credits

If you guys have a discord, whatsapp group just tell me, I wanna work as soon as possible on this
I don't think this mod is in progress at the moment mainly because the mod creator is lazy half the time but I messaged him about you anyway.
If he doesn't get back to you in this thread you can always find him through the community discord by using this link.

Edit: turns out you already joined the discord before I responded but he said we invited you to the server.
This mod is very much alive, we're all working on it and it's looking good, this has a lottt of potential, can't wait til it's done and we can all play it
50+ upvotes and the mod hasn't even been released yet.

The real Donut Mod right here.

Edit: it seems trying to be funny didn't work this time.