Comic Book Guy Story Mod

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Hello everyone,
I thought it would be cool if there would be a story mod which would evolve around Comic Book Guy and his ridiculous antics, for an idea in my head (I haven't modded before so I apologise if some of these ideas may be impossible) the story for him would probably go like this.
Map: Level 3 or Level 6 (any location if the modder(s) prefers)

Plot: Comic Book Guy upon doing his regular daily routine of keeping nerds away from his nylon bag covered comic books and browsing the internet for Star Trek blogs comes across something that catches his interest, A Limited Edition Radioactive Man Issue#1 signed by the man himself, upon gathering the news Comic Book Guy sets off for one of his biggest conquests.
ok but how to play comic book guy story mod ??
It doesn't exist and probably never will
something like this?
Going to go ahead and lock this given the age of the bump and a good suggestion was that offered. Please be mindful when bumping a topic of this age!