Favourite Simpsons Hit & Run Mod?

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What is/are your favourite The Simpsons Hit & Run main and non-main mod/s?
For me, my favourite(main) mod is personally The Speedy Simpsons, while Odyssey of Springfield and Donut Mod are currently tied.
My favourite non-main mods are the Rich Side Restoration for Level 7 and the Digital Coin Counter.
(also have no idea in which board to put this.)
(also I put the u's in favourite because European :P)
My favorite non-main mods are the digital coin counter, and SCMMusic. Main would probably be either Donut Mod or Some Challenge.

By the way, I created a strawpoll for the main mods, if anyone is interested.
The odyssey of springfield
@TheKoopaKingdom, considering most of these mods aren't even half-finished, don't you think it's kind of early to make a poll about this?
Well, going by that logic, then this thread is kinda pointless. Plus, they've all had at least one release, which IMO is good enough to make judgements about them.
@TheKoopaKingdom good choices, although the SCM music best goes with SomeChallengeMod.
@VeldinGamer awesome, what about the non-main mods such as Digital Coin Counter mod?
@TheHugeSimpsonsFan Hmm, I liked the Dr. Manhattan mod
@VeldinGamer unique...
the odyssey of springfield
@MultiFan good choice! What about non-main mods?