Favourite Simpsons Hit & Run Mod?

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Real life SHAR.
(Its a mod textures are replaced to look real the simpsons extreme made it but you cant get it anymore)
@SomeoneIKnow, nice!
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Some Challenge Mod and Donut Mod IMO
3- The Odyssey of Springfield
Non Main Mods = Rich Side Restoration, of course
@Alejandro223, what do you like more, the Challenge Mod, or the Donut Mod?
My personal favourite is Donut Mod.
It's really hard to me to know ... IMO, i see the Challenge Mod a bit better, i see the balancing Cars , with very challenging missions, with Donut Mod, those give me Medium difficulty overall, some are too Easy , especially Level 3 compared to First Two
but it's hard to compare both, since one has 3 levels completed and the other, just 1
This thread better not be dead. We got new users every day, and we need more activity on this site! (Plus, it pushes us closer to completing one of the challenges for the ToTE.)

Oh and, if I had to choose which mod is my favorite that isn't mine, I'd say Donut Mod. (Don't know why it took me more than a week to finally decide...)
Donut Mod definitely, if it wasn't for DM i don't think this community would of began to make it's own mods.
Also, one of my (new) favourites now is Some Challenge Mod(Level 2) because it's so much more unique and fun than the first one(I hate the Ultimate Challenge with Nuclear Waste, that can go melt in its very own Nuclear Waste.)