Blue Bart's Ferrini

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Okay, so tehnically, this is just a retexture, but I'd really like to see Blue Bart's Ferrini :P
(And I think TheSimpsonsExtreme used to have the colours but it got took down by DETA or something.)
Uhhh, do you mean a blue re-texture of the Ferrini Red (barts cars) or do you mean a retexture of Bart Simpson featured with his Ferrini?
Hm, Blue Bart's Ferrini(the car Ferrini he got from Mr. Burns.)
Although a blue shirt Bart sounds a nice fit with the Blue Car Ferrini, so yeah, both I'd want if possible.
Cowa-bunga, dude!

So I decided to take up your request and make a small little mod that gives the Ferrini a blue texture makeover. I was actually using this for a...separate, project, but I certainly don't mind giving it out.

...And Bart himself got a nice little makeover based on what you requested. He now wears a Blue Shirt similar to his appearance on most Simpsons merchandise.

Who could forget Bartman? Seems he wanted a share of the blue shirt action as well, so he got precisely what he asked for. The menus (such as the scrapbook and the minigame menu) also got a couple of small edits to be more consistent with Bart's new blue shirt, but they're kind of cruddy for a lack of a better word.

Want it? Don't have a cow, man. Here's the link:!aAUlWBAZ!OFpkQb9B6h_nP4HMyugbUH5mwwvALusEcNTNpDziq-o
@Kenny Giles
What's the decryption code? Btw, thank you so much.

Thank you for pointing that out. The link has been updated to include the decryption code, so it should work just fine now.
@Kenny Giles, thank you so very much!
You earn all my respect :D
(btw, what is the project you're talking about, a private one, a mod or?)
Eh, I can't quite tell you yet. You'll see later on though!
Alrighty, now could you lock this thread since my request was granted?
i have an idea what Kenny is talking about.