Beta Restoration 6.0.3 - March 12th Fix

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Hello everyone!
We're happy to announce Danny's Beta Restoration has been continued! This update adds a bunch of new content to the mod, as well as a set of mission scripts coming from the discontinued "Restoration" project by CMB. We have recreated an imaginary development build of the game, with most features directly taken from the PR Assets Discs and any other kind of prerelease material. Everything in the mod is loosely based upon real development states, with a good amount of creativity in re-interpreting a possible beta state of the game.

UPDATE 5.00 - January 22, 2020
  • A revamped set of 3D character icons, now in HD
  • Improved models for SportsA and SportsB, now with moving wheels
  • Some minor textures and frontend tweaks.
UPDATE 5.01 - January 23, 2020
  • Mod is now actually decompilable. Sorry for the oversight in previous releases.
  • Added play history banner for the mod
  • The logo is changed in the Launcher and the thread's banner.
UPDATE 5.5 - January 25, 2020
  • Replaced Spook-E-Mart sign in level 7 with correct one (sign made by Femenia)
  • Restored "scarymusic01" on Kwik-E-Mart rooftop in level 7.
  • Added new skybox for level 5 basing off the DMV interior background.
UPDATE 6.0 - March 8th, 2020 - FINAL
  • Beta clothes/car shop restored
  • Beta level 7 skybox background restored (recreation by me)
  • Overall graphical improvements to all levels
  • Level 7 rich side restored (overall changes to school and rich side area)
UPDATE 6.0.2 - March 10th, 2020 - FIX
  • Fixed crashes due to scripting and file issues.
  • Improved credits in launcher.

Spoiler: CREDITS
  • Danny (Head) - Everything (artist, music editing, concept)
HUGE thanks to...
  • DeepFriedBurger - precious information on development timeline and plot
  • CMB - huge thanks for minor help with frontend graphics and for giving beta mission scripts (material from personal discontinued projects)
  • Kenny Giles - restored level 7 rich side
  • Homer - helped me figuring out now to edit music regions in Pure3Ds.

This mod is decompilable, use the assets anywhere you want, just credit me. Hope everyting goes well with the gameplay. If you have any trouble, let me know.

Nice to see this mod finally get released! :)
hey, i recommend you write in the miscellaneous section in meta.ini. main=1
cool mod thought
Ah, I forgot to say, this mod is fully decompilable. Assets can be used with due credits.
danny, there is a problem with the l1m1, where you race skinner to the school.

the problem is, skinner sedan doesnt exist, so in the mission, you only have to go to school, enter the school, talk to lisa, and nothing more.
i would recommend you to check, what happened.

nothing more, but the mod is very good thought

edit 1: you cant decompile the mod, check in the meta.ini if the compile section says Decompilable=1, because if Decompilable=0, people cant decompile into a folder
That isn't an issue. This mod is based around an earlier plot script of the missions in which, among other changes, the race with Principal Skinner in Level 1-Mission 1 (S-M-R-T) is omitted.
ok deepfriedburger
Oh something to note is that if you're going for a early beta feel try and modify the road rage characters because Radical originally was going to just use modified Road Rage characters
I was already thinking about this, but the models seen in the PR footage aren't exactly the SAME as the Road Rage ones. They appeared in very early footage and they also had costume variants, but they were different from RR. Thank you for the idea, but I have decided not to approach this.
hey,i'm glad you're still going with this mod,gonna check it out to see how it is! :)