[SHAR Mod] The Simpsons: Snoopfield v4.21 Official Release

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Hello everyone,

This is are cannabis mod for hit and run and this time it is compiled properly with some new features.
This mod re-textures level 1-4 and I'm working on more textures and they are going to be released today.
This is an amateur mod so it is very buggy so I will note down any bug I find below so I can make this a more stable mod.

Snoop Bobby Bob(Creator, Texturing, Modelling, Mission Creator, Debugger, Sound FX)
HighSuperLemon420(Texturing, Development Contributor)

v4.21 Changes
Changed homer model
Changed marge model
Changed ninja bart costume
Updated costume text
not much but looks better

v4.20 Changes
Removed derpy Snoop Dogg (Looked to glitchy)
Updated some texture and added a few more
Added some more sounds
Changed car names in muzak menu
Updated the tutorial screen

v4.0 Changes
Added some new sounds
Changed a few car models
Marge is now a weird derpy Snoop Dogg (Need help with vertex points and skeleton joints)

v3.0 Changes
Added more textures
Changed homer model to weed Mario
Fixed marge level tunnel crashes

v2.0 Changes
Added more custom cars
Changed all peds to hookers (level 1)
Changed traffic to blend better (level 1)
Added custom tutorial mission
Added more textures
Fixed tunnel crashes

Driving in the tunnel might crash your game on some levels.
Some missions might be bugged were you cannot complete the mission (NPC Problems)
No Dialog for some reason please contact me if you have a solution for this
Can randomly crash when playing (Save Frequently)
If you know how to fix any of these bugs please post below and I will try and fix them.



Download: MEGA Link
Glad to see this back up and compiled. Nice work.
It's da muthafukin D O double G
the game crashes when i try to enter the kwik-e-mart in the tutorial mission.
You should add the Big Green Van from Cheech and Chong up in smoke

@xUknown Thank you for the suggestion I will add it into the game as soon as I can find a car modeller
since I am an amateur at making SHAR mods and I'm not familiar with the blender tools.
Nice to see some lua
v3.0 is now available!
v4.0 Released Now!
v4.20 is Now Officially Released!