Another Roofed Family Sedan Mod

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Just the other day, Loren released the DM4 Family Sedan to the public. It inspired me to finally fix up my own roofed family sedan model, and this time I thought why not make it public!

Unlike Loren's version which goes more for show accuracy, this model stays more faithful to the vanilla game model, keeping the same textures and general asthetic. The roof is based on Wiggum's Police Car so it should hopefully be accurate to the way Radical would have modelled it.



You can decompile this mod by right clicking it in the Mod Launcher and pressing 'Decompile'. From there, you will have access to the main model, as well as some custom phonebooth images. Alternatively, you can just use the mod on its own and it will override the vanilla model in-game.

Feel free to use this in any of your mods, but if you do please give credit! You can add something like this to the credits section in Meta.ini:
Notes=Roofed Family Sedan Model
Group=Special Thanks

I took a look at this model again today and noticed that it could really do with some more improvements - in particular the normals on the model were very messed up. So, I went back and tidied up most of it and I think the shading looks a lot better now!


I also replaced the Phonebooth icon included in the mod, as the one I had before was uh...very bad. Hopefully this one is less bad.


Anyway, hopefully you enjoy!
Homers head goes through the roof.
Homers head goes through the roof.

I just checked for you. Colou' roofed family sedan looks like this:

However I do know the Donut Team family sedan v1.1 has Homer's head poking through the roof.