BITSS - Batch Image To Shader Script

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I developed this tool mainly for my project in which I create a map from ripped textures and there's a lot of them. Copypasting chunks in p3d editor seems tedious when that shader count gets over five, ten, twenty, ... items.
I was very eager to start taking advantage of .p3dxml file format to simplify very repetitive tasks for modders, so here it is!
BITSS - Batch Image To (Pure3D) Shader Script

  • Select your input images
  • Select the output p3dxml file to save to
  • Select your options to be applied to all new shaders in the same manner you would in the Pure3D editor
  • Import that *.p3dxml file into any *.p3d file. Make sure you're using the latest version (4.3+) of Lucas' Pure3D Editor
  • ???
  • Profit

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1.1 Release:
Fixed a lot of stupid bugs. Thank you Lucas for pointing them out for me!
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