Problem with music and loading map

Posted in Donut Mod
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So everytime i use new donut mod my game doesn't add the normal music to the game, is it suppose to be like that? it works just fine if i use compatibility mode. Also i see that in the near the power plant the map doesn't load, i don't know if its exactly problem with donut mod but i would like to get solution to that aswell. NVM.. i fixed these.
I'm having trouble understanding the issue here.

Donut Mod does not come with any music modifications of any sort, so I'm not quite certain what you mean by "normal music". Is that the only mod enabled?

As for the issue with the Power Plant region not loading, I'm fairly certain that's because you have compatibility mode on. Make sure to disable compatibility mode as Lucas' Launcher comes with a rather nice hack that fixes the loading issues on modern computers, eliminating the need to run the game under a certain compatibility mode. If you run the game with compatibility mode on, then this breaks the hack and increases the chances of the map not loading properly.