Tips for Setting Mods

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Hello. I have some (I think) very good ideas that I would like to share. I don't know that I put the question in the right place (Mod Requests). Unfortunately, I don't yet have the knowledge to be able to do a Mod alone, but I can help others with my ideas.

First I would like to share my Setting Mods ideas.

Tips for Setting Mods:

- When we get in the car, the top of the car becomes transparent, a mod that turns this off.
- If we called a car from the booth, the camera first shows the car and then turn back. A mod that turns this off.
- If you make more money with a mission, the game counts faster the coints.
- Money-giving missions give more money (5x, 10x).
- The HUD icon, the location of the money, the map, and the mission surface should be more than 3:4 aspect ratio on the screen because they are very centered on a wider monitor.

These are my ideas, I'm curious what your opinion is, if you think my ideas aren't too good, I understand.

Thanks for reading.
1. Don't really remember how it works, but afaik, if a shader for the roof is called in a special way - the game will automatically make the roof translusent
2. Impossible, instead you can just spam the action button to skip the camera pan
3. That's probably a hardcoded thingy and not possible to change
4. Not sure how can this be arranged, but AdditionalScriptFunctionality allows for that
5. There's already a mod for that
Thank you very much for the answer, special thanks for the mod, which I didn't know yet.