Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill

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A little mod i made while learning how to edit collisions in the game, basically it replaces the school in level 7 with part of the Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill.



Mediafire Link

Known Issues:
  • For some reason you can't buy clothes in the school, The icon appears though. (I suppose that maybe the trigger is outside the l7i00.p3d file or maybe i deleted by accident, if someone knows please let me know)
  • During cutscenes the camera may get blocked by walls (As you can see in the video)
Special Thanks:
  • To this forum for making the Silent Hill to Blender export tools: silenthillcomunity.com forum
  • To Weasel On a stick for make the Blender to Pure3D Static Phys Collision tool.
looking good. you got an upvote from me.
good work, plus watching on YouTube