Donut Mod / Project Donut version 1.0.1/1.1.0 (2013)

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Hi everyone.
I am looking for this version of Project Donut released (it seems) in the last months of 2013.
I have a version labeled 1.0.1, although it is completely broken and crashes when starting any mission. Plus, it lacks texture changes that I saw in old gameplay videos, so it either is a very early version or it is just a joke.
I don't know how Donut Mod updates were released back in 2013, it may also be that a big number of updates were released under the same version number. According to old videos the mod had the same autumn textures featured in 2018 version, so it may be the verly latest released before DM 2.
Here's a 2013 gameplay of it, "proof" of what I'm talking about :

So, I wanted to ask if someone, especially admins, have this version archived. It is just for curiosity purposes.

Thanks in advance,