Blender 2.8X/2.79: Pure3DXML animation converter (Custom Animations!)

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Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility blender add-on makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation. Walt Disney Weasel On A Stick

Thanks to the p3dxml feature I was able to develop yet another nifty add-on. It allows you to edit SHaR's animations fully inside blender.
How to import animations in blender:
  • Download and install the zip file as a blender add-on(download link below)
  • Select an armature you want the animation to be applied to
  • File>Import>Animation Chunk (.p3dxml)
  • ???
  • Profit
How to export animations from blender and into p3d:
  • Download and install the zip file as a blender add-on(download link below)
  • Select an armature you want the animation to extract the animation from (read warnings below)
  • File>Export>Animation Chunk (.p3dxml)
  • Now open your desired .p3d file with Latest (4.3+) version of Lucas' Pure3D Editor
  • Import the p3dxml file as an animation chunk and use it wherever you want
  • Profit

There are a few caveats to SHaR animations.
  • Every animation group has to have either 3,4,7 or 10 channels: Location, Rotation(Quaternion), Loc+Rot or Loc+Rot+Scale. Any group that doesn't fit the criteria is skipped when exported and flashes a warning. (I might fix this to be less inconvenient, but not now)
  • For animations to look closest in-game, please use "Circular" Interpolation mode for Quaternion rotation and "Linear" for location.
  • Some animations may look buggy in-game (limbs flipping for split seconds etc.), try baking your animations on every 1-2 frames and exporting that.
  • Currently online p3d viewer does not display exported animations as in-game. Double-check them yourself before complaining!
Download the add-on here (+ demo .blend project)
Version history:
  • 1.0 - Initial release
  • 2.0 - Initial broken CAM animations
  • 2.3 - CAM animations fixed and revamped
  • 2.6 - Batch import all PTRN animations within p3dxml

All the magnificent creations (I could find so far) created using this add-on in no particular order

Please report all bugs either to me on discord(link in bio) or in this comment section.
Happy modding!
You sir, are the best thing to happen to this community in a while
Now I'm hyped to see someone animate Homer default dancing, hell yeah
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Added support for 2.79
New in 1.6:
fixed rotation interpolation that caused some single-frame glitches
added support for blender's default auto-keying (LocRotScale)
Also edited the post to include some tips for better results
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2.0 Update: Added CAM animation type support mainly used for main menu camera and mission warp cameras. It creates/reads all necessary camera animations such as FOV, near/far clipping and TRAN/LOOK/UP positions. (Since all camera animations I've found are pre-baked the cam import doesn't take "interpolate" option into account)

Import operator automatically detects if you're trying to import a camera animation. It also has a checkbox that "automatically" generates camset camera markers. (Courtesy of DT Docs)

Export operator also has new options for working with CAM animations

Note: This update had limited R&D and I'm still not sure how SHAR calculates camera positioning based on TRAN/LOOK/UP. (and if it's even possible to replicate in blender) And as such I can't guarantee 1:1 conversion between blender and SHAR
Very nice! This update I assume will help with mission start cameras and the ASF camera objective
2.3 Update: Previous update was hastily made under some technical assumptions and as such, it wasn't usable before. I changed a lot of redundancies and fixed the add-on's camera animation workflow.
Here's a small demo made using the latest version of the add-on: