Locked Threads

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When @Tappie (can't remember how linking users works) cancelled his Donut Team Deluxe mod, I wanted to say something on the thread. But the thread was locked much too early. It may have been locked by request, but I feel that we should've been able to respond to it first. At least one person would've loved to say something about any mod's cancellation. DTDX was in development for quite a while, and unlike the other times threads were locked upon request, DTDX's thread had a recent update about the mod's progress and was not being infested with trolls.

Could the staff instead give us some time to respond to those threads before they are locked? I'm fine with you locking mod threads that are older than the people who bumped them, but in DTDX's case, we should have our say in its cancellation first. If there's no more responses after a few days, then it's okay to lock it. Someone might just re-motivate Tappie. Who knows?

EDIT: Well f***. I realize I made this thread at a horrible time. I was planning to ask something in the DTDX thread in the event it does get unblocked, but after seeing... a surprise, I won't get an answer.
I'll unlock the topic, but like you pointed out I'm not sure it'll do much.

If there's technically no problems with the thread besides the author just not wanting to deal with it, I don't see a reason to lock it.