The Simpsons Hit & Run - Los Springeles [Re-Continued]

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Hello, everyone!

After settling things about drama and all, I'm back to the DT Community, however, for limited time (personal reasons).

You may remember my mod "Special Vehicle Missions" which was announced ages ago, well, as a single mod, it's cancelled.

I've got a new, way better and way bigger project coming up, which is called - Los Springeles

So, basically, Los Springeles itself is a brand new map I'm creating, a "simpsonic" reference to Los Angeles. However, this is not just a plain map mod, with no missions or whatever, I decided to make one huge mod, with DLCs being released with each level (basically, just updates, but DLC sounds better).

Since this is gonna be a huge scale mod, here are some things that I plan to feature in this mod:
-New map! (which will be expanded with every update)
-New missions! (obviously)
-Completely new and some remodeled cars!
-New art! (HUD icons, interface, map icons, mission arts, scrapbook art and etc.)
-New characters!
-New costumes!

More new content reveal will be soon!
Since this mod is on a huge scale and I'm working solo (and I also got career work to do) it might take some time to develop, so please be patient!

Every single level will feature a different story. Here's how the levels will be released:

Level 1
ial Vehicle Missions

This Level/Story is gonna be exactly, like the mod was supposed to be - missions with special, unusual vehicles, which may include rocket cars, service cars, or any other freak'a'mobile.


More screenshots will be dued.

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

(I'll keep these updated with the DLCs)

This won't be released any time soon (wrote this on 4/30/2020) since I'm making a map from scratch, but stay tuned.


I'll post Bewitched Springfield a bit later, whenever I work out the bugs.

Any questions/requests/suggestions should be referred in the comments, please. Edit: I keep the right to NOT answer any questions, which would contain progress leaks or any other sensitive information.
It looks incredible
You're at it again! Looks good so far.
Welcome back. Mod sounds good.
This looks amazing! It would be cool if we also got to play as non-standard characters like Milhouse, Grandpa Simpson or Krusty!
Hello, Exonymat,

Regarding your suggestion for playing as non-standart characters:

The main characters will be Morgan (me) and Homer. But the only playable character will be Morgan.

Thanks for your opinion.
Loving that hover-quad, this sounds great can't wait to check it out!
hey Morgan! how many cars have you made so far?
Hi, Durtvan,

The number of vehicles I made for the first level will remain a secret untill release. :)
This looks like it's going to be amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Good luck!