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-Until the recent series of dramas occured over on The CMB Union server, i.e. the CMB Gate Scandal, which basically led to the community being split in half, I wasn't considering leaving the community. But today, I decided to do so
-Currently, I can say that The Union is dead, you win, congrats. But both sides of this conflict were incorrect. Firstly, I want to address how this shitstorm even started
-On 22nd of October, 2019 some unimaginable s*** happened. (I'm not gonna say the real names just in case) Mr. X posted a functioning bus stops idea, which triggered Mr. Y and led to him leaving the community. Both Mr. X and Mr. Y were right and wrong at the same time. Modding is a hobby, not a competition, and you shouldn't argue about random bus stops, but, oh well.
-Personally, yes, I do think that Mr. X WANTS competition, judging by his latter attempts to copy over gameplay elements from SNoire, his attempts to mock SNoire (badmod.p3d anyone?) and his constant downvote barrage of our posts, I honestly don't care at this point, I just want this s*** to end and I'm spilling all the facts. Ok, the shitstorm happened, so you have to move on, right? WRONG. Even Mr. Y moved on with his life and even decided to go back to modding, slowly but surely. But *someone* just had to bring back these f****** bus stops back. It's not only stupid and childish, but it's also disrespectful
-Yes, I got a bit too angry, and after that I discovered that Mr. Z was able to fully extract Cops In Springfield(don't ask him to decompile stuff please, it's over and shouldn't be brought back up again), so, yes, I indeed decided to mock Mr. X by releasing a Russian translation of the mod. Near the end of the process I forgot the initial idea of annoying Mr. X and just went with the translation, enjoying making it. I know I was denied in making it, I know this wouldn't have led anywhere good, the only thing I didn't knew - is why the f*** I even uploaded it in the first place (which is the reason I blame myself for existing). My actions led to community being basically split in half even more, two servers get nuked and several people get paranoid and some seriously started considering leaving the community as well. (I'M NOT PROMOTING THE FACT OF LEAVING)
-Undoubtly, I was stupid, and I want to apologize for everything I have done, and thus, I'll be leaving the community. Another reason is that it's not moderated well (you can say those trolls are unexperienced newcomers to your heart's content, they clearly ARE trolls, and you don't need to wait 10 years before deciding on what to do), and the entire CMB Union server was leaked, which kinda defeats the purpose of it being a private server. Yes, we did say some obscure s*** over there, but the server was never 100% serious, but now it's logs are leaked anyways, oh well
-Good thing is (for some of you maybe) - I'm not giving up on modding and I still have tons of mods to make. Where I'm gonna upload them though? Easy, NexusMods. It has far more potential and useful features for modders that Donut Team either doesn't have or takes too long to implement (I'M NOT ADVERTISING THAT NEXUS IS BETTER THAN DONUT TEAM). Springfield Noire, Homer The Detective, SHaR: Restored and that Russian translation no one needs are already uploaded to the site
-Anything else - cancelled completely, the links on the forum (except for Springfield Noire, it's Nexus exclusive) are gonna be intact, so you can still download all these mods if you want
-Yeah, I may be doing something I'll regret, but I will stand by my opinion, and this decision is final, I tried to reconsider it a couple of times though. That was it, hope you don't start another drama because of this post, if you do - I won't reply because it's useless continuing this topic and I'm only gonna be even more disappointed in this community (ツ). Anyways, goodbye, and have a good day!

TL;DR: I'm leaving, I'm sorry, my opinion about the community doesn't change, cya in 50 years
And just like that, instead of going out with his dignity intact, GordonCMB decided to fire in every direction, but missed every shot.
You will be missed if only things worked out we could of seen apu’s quest
It's too obvious who Mr X is and who Mr Y is.
Sorry to see you go. But at the end of the day you're doing what's best for you. I definitely concur that the way both the site and the discord are moderated isn't perfect. Also (including personal experience) actions taken with moderation lack consistency, often either concluding with either not enough action, or the nuclear option, with the latter often being the direction the staff tend to take in regard to drama. I've been in this community for 4 years now, and time and time again this inconsistency (or more like being too extreme) has been re-enforced. I don't like how this community handles drama. I don't like how the staff tend to end up gas lighting it (whether it is by intention or not). I don't like I'm told by staff that they are working on handling drama in the community better, and then they once again take the nuclear option. I'll be blunt, I don't like how Jake in particular handles things. I'm not trying to make drama, and considering I'm working two jobs and being a secretary for a community service organization, don't expect me to be able to respond or comment in a timely fashion. I know I'm stirring the hornets nest with this comment, but it needs to be said. Considering I remember (don't quote me on it) being told by staff that they are working on handling community drama better. Yet this still blew up 100x bigger than it needed to. When you say you're gonna do something, I expect you will follow through, and when you don't follow those words, those words lose meaning. I think I've said enough.

- Thomas
Until next time, Gordon.
I really don't understand this post, one because it completely contradicts what you've been saying to me privately. Like I am going to be blunt, you're either two faced or you are flip floppy. I've also provided factual evidence to disprove at least one of your points in the past.

If you want to comment on inconsistencies or problems with moderation like others have pointed out, that's one thing; but at least be accurate about the events and don't lie in direct messages.

judging by his latter attempts to copy over gameplay elements from SNoire, his attempts to mock SNoire (badmod.p3d anyone?) and his constant downvote barrage of our posts
Gordon CMB
So it is perfectly acceptable for you to:
1. Forcefully decompile a mod using an exploit (breaking the Terms of Service and REG) and then literally copy over game files to make a mod
2. Continually mock said person in chats and in your mods.
3. Downvote barrage other's posts-- in fact the proof I showed you showing that their team did not downvote your post showed that your team upvoted it to f*** all at the same time. I even said it looks like YOU vote manipulated it.

The hypocrisy is real and it is quite saddening to see your take here.

- I'm editing the title because this was over and dealt with and because that long ominous title is such clickbait.
- I'm locking this topic, because this is stupid as f***.