SHAR Online

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So, it's cool that SHAR has online, but I might have a few suggestions.

Firstly, voice chat:
If this idea were to come to fruition, when another user speaks, not only could a speaker appear over their handle, their character's mouth could move. Not sure how that'd be done, but it would be cool.

And second: Co-op in missions.
A few characters at once could partake in various missions.
I can see this being a reality for "collect-a-thon" missions such as Blind Big Brother or Never Trust a Snake.
As for characters driving together, it can probably be worked by somehow making it so their character is on the passenger side; I'm not too sure how this'd work with traffic cars, given that they have visible drivers, but it's a creative idea.
I could see mission objectives coming out at some point even at basic levels such as commands you press that link objectives with other people in the game. Not sure about AI driving around just yet but I didn't make sharmp so I don't know what's possible or not.

Voice chat wise I think is kind of a dumb thing to implement as donut team has a discord server and anyone can use their own methods of communication if they want to do it privately. It's also quite funny that there have been people asking for a voice chat system before and the same people refuse to talk in the discord vc and enjoy listening in to other peoples conversations like creepy weirdos. Like don't ask for something if you aren't going to use it. The only thing missing would be the talking animations that should be easy to implement by pressing a button and doing it that way.

While we are on this topic, there are things that I want to see implemented. One of these is locking the player onto the car while surfing on them so it's impossible to fall off. Maybe even adding the driving music while surfing on top of the vehicle.