"BLM" upon visiting the site (CONTROVERSIAL)

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It's controversial, and the way I see it basically its promoting people to go on strike. I'm not for blm but im not against it
I don't see how it's promoting people to go on strike especially when almost nobody has a job right now. If someone wants to go out and protest then that's their choice.
That being said, It does feel kind of hypocritical when Donut Team says "Don't talk about politics" and stops any political conversation from happening; then makes the entire home page political. But their main message isn't "controversial" because that would mean there are split opinions on each side. And it's very difficult to side with the police on this issue.

From what I've seen. The Donut Team staff (both as a group and as individuals) have actually been more sensible than other websites/companies/public figures/celebrities/insertnamehere when it comes to this issue and have said many times that they do not support the violence/property damage going on in these protests and that if you want to contribute to the cause in any way then do it appropriately. I give them a lot of credit for that.

I don't think you are wrong for posting and its kind of a ballsy thing to do, but I don't think there's anything to worry about.
I'm gonna start this reply by saying if this thread becomes a political or racist cesspool, we will remove it; however the conversation thus far is fine and is important to talk about. We understand this is outside our normal operations and that it may not be something that is fully understood by every member of the community. However, we believe it is important enough to comment on when we see one nation divided amongst each other and also have the rest of the world protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement back in America.

What happened in Minneapolis was tragic, regardless of the events surrounding around George Floyd's life, no one should live in fear of being pulled over by the police and have your life taken away. This has been going on for decades, but the availability of camera phones, security cameras and live streaming has really helped put a spotlight on the injustice going on in America. While John Oliver will take a stronger stance on the matter, I recommend his most recent video on Police and Police Brutality for more information as it really highlights why this is such a monumental and important issue in America right now.

Overall we want our community members to stand up for what they believe in, in a peaceful demonstration. We're in insanely challenging and difficult times with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and with several other events that have taken place this year. Donut Team maintains we'd like to remain a distraction from the world outside. I agree with @MACCA that this can come off hypocritical because of our existing rules, however there are some instances where we do have to bend those rules and speak on the events going on because we know that our community has members dealing with these issues personally or are concerned about the events going on. We will look back at our rules in the future and figure out the best way to make them work, however when we started our rules and guidelines, the political divide was much less than what it is now.

In addition to this, @MACCA is also referring to our initial tweets on the matter. We had no intention of changing our homepage, but the more this situation evolved, we realized how important it was to comment in a way that would meet a greater audience. The message he is referring to can be found here: twitter.com/DonutTeam/status/1267294118394331137

We need to support each other and be there for each other during these challenging times. Rioting is not the correct course of action. By doing so, it diminishes the actual reason for these protests. Lets show the world that love kills hate; stay safe.

We hope you understand our decision on the matter.