Some Law Enforcement Mod 1.02a

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So what if we already have at least four mods about law enforcement? We can't have more?

Some gameplay footage (if you can call it that)

A mod that began development at the very start of March and started off as a joke I said somewhere, Some Law Enforcement Mod isn't your ordinary "Play as a cop" mod. It may appear that way based on the intro. But if you think hard enough, you'll come to the conclusion that this mod doesn't take itself seriously compared to the other cop mods.

Play as a brand new character, Officer Gordon White! He's totally not based off another original character. (Clarification: He's based off another original character from another mod.) Help him stop crimes all over Downtown, where the only police station exists in Springfield. These crimes are likely events you've experienced in the past, so don't expect too much from them. Who needs overly complicated crimes? This mod doesn't need a story to be enjoyable.

Spoiler: Explanation for Non-Donut Team Veterans because of course, hardly anyone will get the references
This is a joke mod making fun of Donut Team and a bunch of police mods that were released in fairly quick succession. The missions are parodies of different missions from other mods which I shamelessly stole the structures of and converted them into police jobs. There are a good number of references, but most people who play this won't get any of them.

Notes before downloading
  • As I've said in my previous mod: Remember to set your preferences in Mod Settings. Because if your screen size is 4:3, that's where you go and fix the HUD.
  • People have found this mod to be too hard on Novice. To be fair, Novice mode was designed for players who are experienced enough with vanilla SHAR to finish the game without skipping any missions. But if you find missions like Set To Kill and Alien "Auto"topsy Part III to be very difficult, then the difficulty level easier than Novice will be your best choice.
  • The settings in the Developer page should not be touched. Those were meant to appear if the mod is decompiled. However, the mod launcher completely gets rid of the developer settings if I set them to Uncompiled Only. That causes tons of errors, so I had to leave the settings available at all times.

Version History
  • Removed as many references to a certain meme as I could. (I couldn't do all of them without negatively affecting old save files.)

  • Fixed a bug where the pause menu would erroneously state you're playing on Novice difficulty when arranging the HUD to 4:3 screens. (This was fixed in v1.01a, a patch that came just minutes after v1.01. It wasn't worth making its own category over.)
  • Fixed a bug where the main menu would use vanilla SHAR's menu when starting on a holiday.
  • Attempted to support international versions of SHAR. Since I don't have the others, I can't tell if this works. Either way, v1.01 already didn't work with them.
  • M0: Fixed a bug where completing a later objective with a non-default outfit will crash the game. (I blame ASF.)
  • BM1: Increased the time limit for the final objectives.

1.01 (Just what I need, a Day 1 patch)
  • Fixed an oversight where the number of gags was unchanged despite removing a few gags.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when attempting to play a certain line from traffic.
  • Added a Developer setting to toggle the Wager Mission's messages for the console.
  • Now requires Mod Launcher 1.24

  • Released.

Spoiler: Trivia about this mod
If you'd like, you can read a bunch of fun facts about this mod in the link below.
But read at your own risk because there are tons of spoilers. I'm only saying it's spoilers a second time because spoiler boxes are often used without any actual spoilers.

Look at all the new players who won't get any of the references in this mod.
From the snips I have seen out of this mod, it looks very well done, I don’t want to spoil anything but it has some cool things I haven’t seen before

I would also recommend keeping an eye out for references.
Looking forward to it. Hopefully this mod will also have a good amount of difficulty, as do your previous mods.
This ought to be good. I still can't believe we have all these cop mods.
Love the intro movie, can't wait to play it!
Looks like SLEM isn't going to be released this week. A mission had to be cut today even though the mod was 90% done. That makes a total of three cut missions. Someone other than me is going to end up finding them when I release the mod. Explanations for cutting them coming... if people find them. They won't be hard to find, however. It's a shame no one brought up that cut Level 2 mission in MAiS. Because in SLEM's case, I'm doing the exact same thing.
1.0's out. No thanks to that f****** audio bug.
Since when did Chief Wiggum become such a badass in the opening? Can't wait to try it out!
The game crashes whenever i try to go into the police station
Does this have all wasps and gags? Because I'm having trouble finding the last wasp and last two gags.