Jippie! finally - 12 November 2015 Nintendo Direct Discussion

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Finally a new Nintendo Direct, today! Wow I´ve waited long enough just as other people has.

Maybe I´m breaking a rule but now I don´t really care! Rules are made to break.. as I say in my country ;)
Made this a discussion so you aren't breaking any rules. :P I know a lot of people are excited that new news is coming out of Nintendo.

I'm too busy working and playing Fallout 4 to even know what's going on over at the big N, but the rumours I've been hearing sound pretty awesome.
The Nintendo Direct was awesome!

Spoiler alert!
Love all the new Zelda games and Mario and Luigi Paper Jam is awesome!!! Even if it´s not so liked by others.
It was a pretty cool direct imo. Now we wait for the Smash thing in December.