Removing Houses and Buildings (MOD)

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Hello people, this time, I want to bring you my second mod, on which it eliminates all the houses and buildings of all levels, yes, there may be some texture missing somewhere on a level, but there are many reasons, or because the textures were grouped with the houses or buildings, or because I deleted it by mistake, etc. and don't call me lazy, as you know, since I started this mod, I spent a week removing and removing houses and buildings one by one and after all, I managed to finish the mod, I was very tired, but I did... by the way, it is not recommended to use this mod for missions (or if?) since the mission can be bugged because some texture has been removed from the level, which is why, it is not recommended to do it, unless you are going to use it to entertain you or out of curiosity, for now it is a beta, that is, it is complete but with errors, so each update will be fixing the bugs, and when they are all fixed, will launch the final version. Greetings to all and I hope you like this mod, it cost me a lot to make this mod...

New Changes V1.2:

*Textures and Bugs Fixed

*The mod finished its beta version, It is Complete, Now it is in Final Version


Download here
This is very interesting. good job 👍
Good job!
I've played this mods!

I was surprised about the invisible touch for all levels somewhere.

Well it's kinda weird about touchable like that for driving!
No spring, only field.
This looks oddly satisfying