DT Docs 4.0 is now available

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Hey everyone, today we're going live with another major update for our documentation site.

DT Docs 4.0

This is a significant overhaul of the previous version of the site that we launched 6 months ago.

These are the key improvements with this new major version:

  • You can now switch between docs without reloading the entire page, saving on bandwidth and making navigation much snappier.
  • Made it so both the left and right sidebars can now be collapsed.
  • The left sidebar has been overhauled to be a complete hierarchy of the entire site you can easily reach any document from anywhere.
  • Search has also been moved to the left sidebar and now loads results as soon as you type into the search field.
  • Made it so highlighting what you searched for in the page works better than it did before.
  • Various styles on the website have been adjusted and tweaked to make the site more visually appealing.

You can check out this new version of DT Docs here, be sure to let us know what you think below!

Happy modding,
Donut Team