Person claims to have made simpsons hit and run multiplayer mod

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So I was browsing youtube today when I came across a person who claims to have, figured out how to add multiplayer to SHAR. He even has a video and in the description a step by step guide of how to do it.

Heres the video:

Now what is actually going on in this video I have no clue so please someone explain to me.
It's a load of BS. Multiplayer is far from this simple.
I've seen the video before, and it's clearly hoax. First of all, whenever the "other players" turn, the wheels on their vehicles take only 1 frame to adjust to that certain angle, and that's usually what the A.I does. They also always seem to take so long to turn around (they are turning at a very slow speed), and that's not what most people do.

That is just a mission he created containing 3 A.I vehicles set to chase, and it's very possible to imitate. In fact, my final challenge in Level 2 in my mod has done something like that already. But anyway, if that video was actually what we were expecting, the creator would've made a video tutorial on how to do this, and even then, the "tutorial" is extremely vague. We'd most likely need to download something in order for multiplayer to work.

I gave the video a dislike for lying about that.
Yeah it's just AI. Multiplayer would require several complicated hacks.
Don't buy in to people's lies. The only person who will make multiplayer is Lucas and he even doubts he'll ever manage to do it.
This kinda makes me wonder about what you could really do with Multiplayer in SHAR. Unless you could make missions that were for multiplayer, there isn't really that much you could do other than randomly drive around the somewhat bland-for-a-multiplayer-setting levels.
Races, challenges, missions, ect would all be possible if multiplayer was created (i'd imagine)
I am very aware this is fake. I just wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts on what it actually was.
The day we see SHAR:MP will be amazing, it could be possible, but it would be a dang hard thing to do.
@EternalHD That is so true. You know there have been alot of people who have made multiplayer mods for games that where never intended to have multiplayer, so I don't see why you can't make one for SHAR. Sure it is really hard but maybe one day a person with lots of skills will come along and make it happen (And as we know that person will probably be Lucas).