shar_bigcity - 1.2.2 "this-another-very-particular-broken-collision" patch

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This mod replaces level 1 with entire gm_bigcity map
shar_bigcity is a decompilable map asset mod, bundled with a couple of custom cars ported from gmod and a demo mission. It also contains few custom wrenches and phonebooths as examples. Feel free to decompile it and edit however you like, at the condition that you give credit to the appropriate contributors listed at the bottom

Map/mission demonstration by Nightbane Games:

  • Weasel on a Stick - I made the mod, ported the entire gm_bigcity map to SHAR (intersect collision, static phys collision, fence collision, wrenches, phonebooths, road nodes, ped paths) and other miscellaneous junk
  • Nightbane - Made the "homer jay" demo mission
  • Loren "Duck" Goodwin - Ported Airboat
  • Jill - Ported Half-Life 2 Scout Car
will it be decompilable?
Looks good. Hopefully some street races can be inplemented too. :)
will it be decompilable?
Definitely! I don't think I have enough free time/willpower to make it 100% functional (detailed collision, road nodes, pedestrian paths, locators and etc.) So I don't want to lock people from improving the map, spicing it up with missions and generally letting days of work go to waste.

Looks good. Hopefully some street races can be implemented too. :)
I only plan to make an operational base map which will include most common and easy to model roads. AI cars will find a way, but you'll have to make your own custom street race props and other mission content.
Bumped/updated the thread and finally released the mod for everyone to enjoy, go check it out!
Wow! It's clear a lot of work has gone into this. Every detail, nicely done!
You weren't lying when you said "coming soon"! I'm gonna try this out. :)
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I have really enjoyed the map
It was a great experience playing a map from GMOD in SHAR

If there are going to be any updates
I would like to see a more diverse of traffic cars and pedestrians
I would also like to see an interior of the famous hidden room with the gnome Easter egg

Overall This is probably one of my favourite mods
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