The Gru Mod Announcement & Release!

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The Hell Inspector here announcing and releasing... The Gru Mod. I was stumped for mission ideas for Mod of Stupidity so I made this out of pure boredom and memes.

In this mod you can play through the entirety of the original SHAR story but as Gru and some Minions. All of the forced car missions and change costume missions have been edited to not include those so you'll always use Gru's Car and the normal character models.

All of Homer's dialog (except for story dialog) has been changed to Gru's voice.
And the minions have special translators that make them speak like Bart, Lisa, Marge, & Apu.

Demonstration Video:

Download Here!
This one's for all the Moms out there. Amazing.
Day 1 patch pretty much but I updated it to be a main mod so it won't conflict with any vanilla saves.
SO good man :)

The new vehicle looks neat though.
how did you get those models?
ah, yes i see, is it possible to uninstall a mod before you install it?
I will stuff you all in the crust!