A Long Long Night - 1.02 Update

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Bart is throwing the biggest party in Springfield! Drive around town like it's the 80's! Enjoy the Synthwave and get the party started!

  • 8 Story Missions
  • New Bonus Mission
  • 3 New Street Races
  • New Test Drive Wager Race
  • New Collectibles
  • New Vehicles
  • Two difficulty modes - Normal and Hard
  • Partially Synthwave inspired map and HUD
  • Level-ution after completing Mission 3.
  • 3 New Costumes

Spoiler: Credits
  • Thomas "Hipporeno" Donofri
  • Surreal Bot
  • Derpster
  • Kenny Giles
  • Nightbane
  • Tappie
  • Weasel on a Stick

Special Thanks
  • Donut Team - 3D Phonebooth Previews
  • Duffhause - Scripting and Modeling assistance.
  • JoshuaL2153 - Ferrari Enzo & Porsche Spyder ports
  • Macca - Night sky, buildings, music, Ferrini ports
  • xUnknown - Lambo port, Police car port, Ferrari F40 port, & Bakery Van port
  • Weasel On A Stick - Blender Assistance.
  • Wiliam - Ferrini Ports
Spoiler: Notes
This modification already includes both 3D Phone Booth Previews & HUD Tweaks.
Make sure to EXTRACT the mod using a program that can extract ZIP files to get the LMLM inside.

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Spoiler: Changelog
  • 1.02
  • The navigation system is now light blue.
  • Fixed the driver and passenger joints for the Police Cruiser.
  • Moved Moe so he isn't completely blocking the path between the counter and the pool table.
  • Fixed the coin reward message overlapping the radar when completing a Street Race with the inferior 4:3 HUD arrangement.
  • Changed the mouse cursor image.
  • Mission 2: Increased the time limit to get through the cops.
  • Mission 3: The race is now a little bit harder on Normal.
  • Mission 6: Fixed a bug introduced in 1.01 where Homer would not properly appear in the intro.
  • Mission 6: Fixed Homer appearing in the wrong Police Cruiser if the player is using it before they start the mission.
  • Street Race 1: Fixed a bug introduced in 1.01 where starting this race crashes the game.
  • 1.01
  • Added "locked_out" sound effect.
  • Changed Futurama Hit & Run billboard at request by Jay_mate.
  • Fixed Bart sitting in the wrong side of several vehicles.
  • Fixed the brake and reverse lights and the headlights on many vehicles.
  • Adjusted the shininess for many vehicles.
  • Changed Card 7's description.
  • Mission 0: Music is no longer always on.
  • Mission 2: Increased time limit to go to the stadium.
  • Mission 5: Music is no longer always on.
  • Mission 6: Music is no longer always on.
  • Wager Race: Increased entry fee and reward on Hard mode.
  • Wager Race: Bart no longer says anything when starting this race.
Spoiler: Q&A
Q. How do we know you're actually gonna follow through and release the damn thing?
A. Well I actually released it this time haha! Joke's on you pal!
So glad Thomas got a present for us all
Ayy yoo, can't wait, long john dom!
A long long night is one of my favorite SHAR mods from my childhood. This is because I used to complete mission after mission in my 80's sportscar.
This looks really well done, love the theme. Gonna be awesome!
Can I play test this mod?
@Surreal Bot very funny lol
I've talked about licensed video games before.
Awesome looking mod, can't wait.
Wish you best of luck, pal! The premise sounds so exciting 👀
Good luck with this, Thomas! Hopefully this turns out great.