A Long Long Night - 1.02 Update

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Howdy everyone! Just wanted to give you lot an update on things.

Firstly I'd like to welcome Surreal Bot to the Long Night development team! He has already taken existing content to the next level. I'm very excited to show you what's next.

Stay tuned!

I'm going to leak builds of A Lol Lol Night before I came. I miss the old M0-M3. (No I don't.)
The mod is FINALLY released!
Congrats on the release bud! Really looking forward to playing this later!
Well done on the release. Will be playing later as well
I'll check this out later! I'm really excited.
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You wouldn't want to know how much I did in this mod nor what I did exactly. A playthrough of earlier builds of A Long Long Night might happen one day. These builds were before I joined development. I know Thomas is okay with this, but I'll wait until you've all seen everything.
Really great job for a greatly awaited mod!
these are the best cars I have seen so far very good work and the mod is also one of my favorites from now on ; )