The Homer Pack 2: Halloween boogaloo

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Hey guys, I just wanted to show you what costumes I've made for Halloween trick or treat contest.
The Homer Pack 2 adds 11 skins for Homer for both Level 1 and Level 7
Level 1:
  • Homer - Sunday (75 coins)
  • Homer - Monorail Conductor (200 coins)
Level 7:
  • Homer - Salmon suit (350 coins)
  • Homer - Fred Flintstone (400 coins)
  • Homer - Zorro (500 coins)
  • Homer - Holiday (555 coins)
  • Homer - Spider-Man (600 coins)
  • Homer - Strongman (625 coins)
  • Homer - Jack-in-the-box (650 coins)
  • Homer - Grim Reaper (666 coins)
  • Homer - Doctor Manhattan (2000 coins)
Skin shop previews
(Doctor Manhattan preview is broken, but it looks fine in level. blame Radical I guess)
Notes for Nerds
You are free to use any of them in any of your own mod projects as long as you credit me by linking to this very thread.
Yes, I added every costume to Custom Dialogue Character Codes hack config.
Yes, all prices are arbitrary, change it to whatever you want if you feel like it.
No, I did not make scrapbook icons because that scrapbook page is disabled by CustomStatsTotals
Yes, I got permission from Nightbane gamers to use that name
Poor Strongman Homer all alone on the right side though.
would realistic eyes work with this?
@NuclearWaterAlex97 You can try it with this modification if you'd like since there's virtually nothing preventing you from trying.
podrías hacer la skin de homero joven :( ?
where would i go to buy these skins?