Level 1 and 4: L7/Halloween Skyboxes

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Simply makes Level 1 and 4's skybox just like Level 7's skybox and changes the color/style or look to be like Level 1 and 4's original skybox from the main game. (is decompilable)


It's not much, i would have made more or done vehicle reskins and such but kept getting bored of it and losing motivation to do it all because of the amount of cars to do (i originally was going to do every phonebooth car, ai cop car, hidden cars and some others like ww2 vehicle w/ rocket in halloween fashion along side with these skyboxes).
I think the pumpkin/scary faces being removed too would be cool :)

ye but i mostly wanted it to be exactly like L7s, but the removed faces looks interesting and different lol.
I was wondering If you would be able to do the same for Lv 2 and 5