Treehause of horror 1.2

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Oh wow...Not sure how on earth I missed the Witch that sold the car! I swear I didn't see anything on the radar and just assumed it was tied to the Bonus Mission traces. My mistake!

Also never hit me to check out the Duff Brewery area on foot. I was kinda distracted by the road barricades and assumed that if my car couldn't get in it wasn't possible unless I was on a mission. Thank you for correcting me since I see what you mean now. I still think some players might find it slightly tedious to get due to the lack of car access in an otherwise car-friendly area, but that definitely softens the blow a fair amount and is fully a mistake on my part.

I also completey understand not having the time to go back to it - it is kinda out of season. Still think the mod plays very well regardless!

Also going to edit my spoiler in my previous post since...I seemed to have started two separate trains of thought in the first bulletin and never properly finished them.