Halloween 2020 Entry - Kinda

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I planned to make a mod for this entry, but I easily got into doing something else, because of a recent loss in my family.
I feel bad for not sharing a mod as I said to do on the discord server so I'm just gonna release my assets.
This "mod pack" has assets I was gonna use, so I hope they might come in handy to others. The mod is decompilable for anybody that wants to use them. From what I remember, it doesn't crash & very few questionable leftover assets are in there. I added some new & spooky sounds around the level 7 map which is the default level in this mod.
I've just realized giving Homer a pumpkin head wasn't the most creative idea, I've just now seen that Gordon also made that for all the characters, but I guess it'll come in handy to some people. I also left a work in-progress kang/kodos model in there, looks kinda as bad as Radical's models of other things since I tried to stick to their design.
There is some of the car models I was gonna use, which I hope you'll enjoy.
I would really love to hear some feedback on it, although I didn't get to complete it and probably never will.
I'll probably get motivation & make a greater mod some day. Happy Halloween!!
Download link
Important notes: I really forgot to test it one last time & I hope it won't crash. If you just wanna take out the models, just decompile it. I don't mind you using them for your mods, but a credit would be really appreciated!
Haha I love the look of the monster hearse, some cool ideas in general. Nice work.