Attack of the 50ft Eyesores: The Mod

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My first mod, and it's an entry for the Trick or Treat contest. This is a 5 mission mod that allows you to play through the classic Treehouse of Horror segment.

I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil anything.

The current build made for the contest only contains 5 missions (including the tutorial). The 'Rushed Cards' detail many things that were cut or changed due to the October 28th deadline. Because of this, I know about a majority of the problems, and a few of them are even detailed in the cards. However, regardless of this, if you experience a crash, or another game breaking glitch, post it in the comments and I'll try to release a fixed version as quickly as possible.

I will be attempting to release a complete edition for next Halloween. This will feature the full 8 missions, redesigned HUD and more. For the time being however, I still hope you enjoy this short mod I made for myself, mainly as practice due to it being my first mod.

Download Here
CURRENT M4 LOADING SOFTLOCK GLITCH FIX - Use unlock all missions and as soon as you start the mod warp straight to M4 to get it to load.
I'm currently working on a fix, although it may come out after the contest submission date is over.
You can also save your game right before M4, reload the mod and then you're able to play it.
well that was fun! definitly a mod that came out of nowhere but a nice suprise nontheless however there is a few issues, first some of the time limits are pretty tight ich is kinda a problem with how long some of the missions go on, i also encountered a problem with the last mission wich ended up loading indifinetly. also for the zip it mission, the zip boy owner in the episode was the old jewish man and he was added to shar thanks to the road rage mods. beside that lotsa fun, if i can make two sugestions for the rest of the mod, maybe have the pantyhose mask homer as a nescssary costume for the first mission and maybe try to mix the "they run" vehicle mods with the mascots model to make it look like they're walking, dot sure it'll work for lard lad since youd need to rig it but ir could work with the zip boys since they are customed mr beans
Thanks for the feedback wimpy. Most of this will be added into the complete version released next year. As for the indefinite loading glitch, I'm currently working on a fix, but for the time being there's kind of a way to bypass it (read underneath the download link).
Got a chance to run through the mod myself and really enjoyed my time with it!

Episode adaption mods are definitely starting to become a more popular idea and the execution here was pretty great. I actually thought the episode choice in question was a brilliant one. We've had the living Lard Lads mascot in Hit & Run since...the game itself released back in the early 2000s. A whole mod based on the rivalry between Homer and Lard Lad is a novel idea that translates pretty well into gameplay. Got a pretty great kick out of seeing the custom Lard Lad vehicle drive around wrecking havoc on Springfield.

The mission variety was pretty great while going head-to-head with the big man himself. While the mod itself is a bit on the short side as stated in the original forum post, it also means that each mission has around 2 or 3 objective types and none of them repeat. Each one feels very distinct which I think is an important thing to emphasize with a mod like this. Racing the Zip Boys feels fairly different from stopping the media from drawing attention towards the mascot, and each concept from the episode itself is translated pretty well into gameplay.

Outside of gameplay, there are some other things here that I felt were really well done. The decision to use vanilla Evergreen Terrace to make it more accurate to the original segment I thought was a smart choice. It's a nice break from the more typical horror aspects and color schemes seen in Evergreen Terror. Not only that, but there's some clever touches with the ruined debris adding up as the mod goes on. It actively makes you feel as if there's a threat terrorizing Springfield rather than the mod just stating there's an issue and leaving it at that. Said debris also creates a challenge as shortcuts you're normally familiar with are quickly taken away from you, which forces you to think on your toes. It's all rather refreshing even though it's probably the map players are super familiar with at this point!

Despite my praise for the episode adaption, I do feel as if there were some things that got a little messy in the translation to a SHAR mod. For instance, in Quittin' Time, the Colossal Donut that Homer goes to get and sort of sparks the rest of the mod isn't mentioned until a cutscene. It ends up coming across as slightly confusing for those who might have not seen the original segment or had forgotten some of the story beats of it. I feel having some mission stage text or changing the mission briefing so it mentions you're heading to Lard Lads to get the Colossal Donut alone would make things slightly nicer.

I also felt Zip It dragged out for a bit too long unfortunately. While I get the concept and the adaption is done well, I feel having to circle the map twice with little to do inbetween hurts the mission replayability as I didn't find it super engaging. I think having the race between the Boys being cut down a bit would help. This issue I think also kinda applies to Just Don't Look as well, but I personally think the bigger variety in objectives kept me a bit more entertained, but it might be worth trying to see if that mission could be split in half somehow as well?

I also noticed two things regarding Donut of Doom I wanted to bring up just so they might be fixed in a later revision since they appear to be oversights?:

Other than that, I definitely enjoyed my time with this! It was a fun short little adaption of a nice Treehouse of Horror segment with some great dialog and great ideas made in such a small time span. Really hope to see more updates to this!
Post Contest Update:
  • Fixed Lard Lad not stopping and failing the mission at the tire fire in M2, and to make it slightly easier, I reduced his speed during that section slightly.
  • Shadows were removed from Lard Lad and The Zip Boys somehow, and the shadows card was reworded to mention how they're fixed.
  • 'The The Powerplant' typo was fixed.
  • Regular L7 costumes were replaced with 3 of Weasel's Halloween Homer costumes.

Also thank you Wimpy and Kenny for the feedback. I'll be using most of it for the updated version next year.
Hey, for some reason the talking moment before mission 3 doesn't work, i have the spanish dub so maybe thats the problem
@Chime16622 Try this: