SkeleTown: The Adventures of Skelly the Skeleton (1.2)

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SkeleTown is the town of horror, the town where ghouls and creeps live happily ever after! Step inside, if you dare!
In this mod, developed by me for the Donut Team Trick or Treat 2020 mod contest, you will experience many spooky sights such as ghosts, pumpkins, gravestones, dark forests, a giant spider, and of course SKELETONS!

Play as Skelly, and help the mayor of SkeleTown, Skeller, finish errands around the town! Destroy all 20 evil skull heads materializing everywhere!

Skelly's one tough skeleton, and she's even got a flaming coffin car to go with it!

Collect all 7 Special Bones! Each one contains a fun fact about the mod!

Buy all 3 alternate outfits for Skelly! Each one is sure to please.

Buy the vehicle from the car shop at the top of the map!

Version 1.1: Now works with international releases of the game!
Version 1.2: Now replaces the Holiday main menus with the original!
You actually smashed it, Nice work
absolutely mental mate. top notch
Really enjoyable. Loved it, keep it up like this!
badass mod, 10 boners out of 10
Spooky and scary! Great job as usual, Nightbane.
Woooaaaahhhh radical. Can't wait to play this later!
Love the bone puns

EDIT: Just realised that the map is shaped like a skull. The amount of detail put into this is outstanding.
This is epic!
Note to self: When you want Nightbane to make a mission mod, start a contest.